INTERACTIVE AUDIENCE engagement technology

  • Using SnapVote is a great way to get feedback on the ideas you propose during a meeting

  • Engage your team by making them part of the decision making process by using the multiple presentation types we offer.

  • You can have live Q&A sessions and engage with your audience.

  • Get feedback on how the audience experiences the conference by creating a feedback survey

  • Break the ice to start the conference off with a quiz and see who wins

  • Use SnapVote to ask your learners questions during a lesson to make sure that they understand the topic

UNLEASH YOUR AUDIENCE RESPONSES through our different categories of questions


Use this well-known feature where the audience chooses one or more options that you provide


Just like multiple choice the image choice gives you the option to visualise the possibilities you provide


Use colourful word clouds to see responses rearranging in real-time to emphasise the most common words


Make use of the two dimensions so that the audience can rate difficult matters easier


Your audience can rate multiple statements by the use of a scale, an easy way to analyse trends


Allow the audience to freely type in more extended feedback such as insights, questions or opinions


Each audience member gets 100 points to rank the most important statements


Let your audience ask questions and indicate through the platform, if you’ve answered satisfactorily

SnapVote has changed the way I conduct my training sessions. My audience is more engaged than ever!

Karriem, Cape Town

I really like how easy and user-friendly SnapVote is. My colleagues enjoy using their mobile devices to interact & share ideas.

Robby, Cape Town

Staff meetings are much more interactive since I began using SnapVote.

Trevor, Cape Town


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